About Us

We are the Premier Balloon Company in Las Vegas
Delivery to your hotel or to your doorstep 24/7!

Mikey 2016

In The Beginning...

A boy wanted to make his own money, but he just had to find his thing.

Then his mother told him…

“If you can’t find a job, you need to create one for yourself.”

This was the beginning of an amazing journey. With balloons, Mikey found a love for making people happy with his creativity – and his entire family has been by his side to help along the way.

Never in a billion years did Mikey’s mother think his balloon business venture would reach the level of success it has today.

Mikey 2021

What We Offer

BALLOONS of course, but so much more...

As Mikey as grow we have grown as a family and we love building and crafting to make that special event you have been dreaming about come to life.

Mikey has found a love for flowers and making arrangment for your table setting beautiful.

We now offer event planning and have exceptional people to handle your catering need. Plus we just offer MORE – Conceriage service to pickup needed items for your birthday bash on the strip. Some examples that we offer is FREE pickup for Pastries/Cakes, Our own inhouse Floral services, special pickup for that champagne or other items, snacks from the local grocery store, maybe something you forgot to pack. We have your back just give us a quick text and we are on our way. For the special client that request early morning delivery we offer to stop at Starbucks or pickup those delicious Pink Box Donuts. Just let us know what you need and we are on our way!

Our Squad!

Creative, Fast Executors of Excellence


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Boss Boy